“THE FLOW” competition will take place on April 28, 2019 at the Palafijlkam sports complex – Via della Stazione di Castel Fusano, 30 – 00122 – Lido di Ostia (RM).

The competition will start at 11.00 AM.


THE FLOWEST (category solo open)

⁃ KIDZ ( 7 – 13 years per fraction / born between 2006 and 2012 included)

⁃ TEEN (14 – 17 years per fraction / born between 2002 and 2005 included)

⁃ BIG (over 18 per fraction / born in 2001 and previous)

⁃ LEGEND (N.B. only by invitation)

Crews have to be made up of a minimum of 4 members. There is the possibility of having an over-age member (aged over the range established by the category in which they compete) according to the following schedule:

• 5 members = 0 over age

• from 6 to 9 members = 1 over age

• from 10 to 15 members = max. 2 over age

• from 16 toa 30 members = max. 4 over age

• from 31 members and beyond = max. 6 over age

N.B.: For all the categories dancers younger than the age established by the

category in which they compete are not considered as excess of the quota.

If members out of age (older than the established range) exceed the above mentioned number, automatically, the crew will compete in the higher category.

Every participant can compete in two (2) Crews at most, whether they belong to different age’s divisions or to the same category, except for those who are invited to the Legend cateogry, which are NOT subject to this rule.


Choreography’s duration:

THE FLOWEST Section = from 1’ to 1’30’’ at most

KIDZ, TEEN Section = from 2’30’’ to 3’30’’ at most

BIG Section = from 3’00’’ to 4’00’’ at most

LEGEND Section = from 4’00’’ to 5’00’’ at most

N.B. Dancers can exceed of (5) sec more or less than the time allowed by the previous schedule

(ex. For THE FLOWEST section: 0’95’’ or 1’35’’; for KID, TEEN section: 2’25’’ or 3’35’’; for BIG section: 2’55’’ or 4’05’’; for LEGEND section: 3’55’’ or 5’05’’).

In case that timing exceed those limits, disqualification will be automatic, unless previous specification by a written communication and acceptance by the

competition management.


The entry for the audience will be from 10:00 AM and it will cost 10,00 euros per person. Children up to 5 years and adults over 70 years will be able to access with the lower price of 5,00€. Tickets will be available at the ticket office from 9:00 AM.

To book the tickets send an email to the mail


The entrance fee for the competition is:

• € 25 per athlete for crews competing in KIDZ, TEEN and BIG categories

• € 30 per athlete for crews competing in LEGEND category.

• € 40 per athlete competing in THE FLOWEST category.

Every single dancer which will take part to many choreographies, will have to pay the basic entrance fee and add 10€ for every further choreography (ex. If a single element compete in 2 different Crews, he will have to pay 25€ – or 30€ if he takes part to the LEGEND category + 10€ for the second choreography EXCEPT FOR THE FLOWEST CATEGORY). The choreographer will have the responsibility to indicate with a separate remark to which other choreography the dancer will takepart.

Every teacher or choreographer will be able to register to the competition different crews also in the same section.

Every group choreography must be performed by different dancers for at least half of the members (for the evaluation of the half, the organization considers the crew of the choreographer himself with the highest number of members).

Registration to the competition must be send no later than 11:59 PM of April 14, 2019.

Follow the mode down below:

• download the proper paperwork from the official website: www.theflowevent.com

• once having filled the paperwork completely, send it to the mail address [email protected]

• the organization office will send you a validation for the application for membership and indications for the payment of the fee

• send a copy of the payment by email.

The CREW paperwork filled by the Choreographer must be strictly send by email no later than the above mentioned deadline.

They are only valid the accessions which have been received through the established forms available on the website: www.theflowevent.com

The order for the performances of the crews will follow the chronological order of the registrations (so the first one to register, will be the last one to perform and so on).

On the chronological basis of the formalisation of the registration, the organization makes use of the possibility to not accept any registration once having reached the maximum number.

In case of non-èarticipation to the competition due to causes not attributable to the organization, for abandonment or other, the person will not receive any repayment of the fee or any costs incurred.


Crews will be able to participate by including on the registration module the fiscal data of their DDA and/or DSS, thus specifying the insitution of sport promotion, and attaching a copy of the card of the card-carrying subject. Remember that are ONLY valid the registrations made by dancers which are members of ASI .

If you are not member of a DDA or a DSS registered to ASI, you will need to require for the membership and pay the fee for the registration to ASI which costs 5€.


The day of the competition every dancer should have with him an ORIGINAL identity card (no copy) to let the judges make some checks for the birth year in

case of dispute: if this would not be possible, the Crew will be disqualified.

⁃ By signing the minor module, guardians take the full responsibility for the participation, custody and care of the child, for the whole period of the vent, thus raising the organization from any responsibility.

Minor modules, filled correclty and completely, could be carried to the DESKOFFICE the day of the competition.

⁃ It is MANDATORY to carry a medical cerificate of clean bill of health (you can carry a copy). In case of NOT having carried the certificate, the organization is raised by any responsibility related to non suitability of the competitor to participate to the event. In case that medical certificate would be deposited with the dance school of belonging, it is enough to put an X in the dedicated space of the registration module.

The handler for the crew registered to the competition is responsible for the autenticity of the documents provided. If the registration is not in confromity with the regulation, the organization ishall not be required to make any defrayal for the payed fee.


Every participant to the event (previuos registered through the right modules of the competition) will have to send by email to [email protected] the file audio for the competition by specifying name, crew and category no later than 11:59 PM of April 14, 2019. The day of the competition dancers will have to register in place from 9:00 AM to 11.00 AM at the DESK OFFICE, by having with them a copy of the file audio on a USB pen.


There will be 3 JUDGES. Composition. The organization will be able in every moment to modify the compositiion for the judgement if necessary. JUDGES of the choreographic competitionwill evaluate following these criteria: ⁃ PERFORMANCE (Skill, Technique, Clean) 30 ⁃ CHOREOGRAPHY (Transition, Flow, Dynamic) 30 ⁃ CREATIVITY (Originality, Theme, Story) 20 ⁃ PRESENTATION (Formation, Costume, Space) 20 (MAX SCORE ACHIEVABLE: 100/100 PRESENTATION) Judges will be available but not obliged to explain the reasons of the results. Any clarification could be required only during the days of the event. The organization will only deal with the communication of the results. The verdict of the judges is final. The highscore will be posted on the web site www.theflowevent.com


Prizes will be provided as said in the article 69 comma 2 of DPR n. 917 of 22/12/1986 excluding any withholding taxes. Winners will have to contact suddenly the organization at the email address [email protected] and provide datas and documents, as necessary, for the provision no later than 6/05/2019.

In case of ex aequo (dead heat / same total score) the higher place in the highscore will be given to the crew with the higher score in the category Execution; in case that the score for execution will be the same, judges will pay attention to the higher scores in this order: choreography, creativity and presentation. In case that all the single score correspond for both crews, judges will decide for the crew which deserve the higher place in the highscore and so the crew who will have access to the bigger prize.

Prizes for each section will be exposed from March in the paragraph Prizes on the website www.theflowevent.com.Winners of Big category will be invited to the Legend category for the next edition.


⁃ Stage is m. 14 long and m. 12 deep, with 2 curtains on the side. There are no rehearsals on the stage. For the performances dancers cannot use any props which could in any way get the stage wet or dirty or causing delay to the programme due to their transport , otherwise the organization makes use of the possibility to disqualify the crew which will not observe this rule and which will create a damage to the following crews on stage.


– The organization makes use of the possibility to cancel a section of the competition or the entire event in case of occurring reasons of force majeure. In that case, fees of participation will be given back. ⁃ The event organization makes use of the possibility to shooting, record, transmitt in television, completely or only partly performances made by the dancers entered in “the FLOW” competition, with name and picture, through television, radio and multimedia. The participant give the organization all the rights for any economical or commercial use of images and name ed of every activity performed during the event, in every way and form, completely or partly, with no limitation of time, passages, languages, modality and space, with the right to free trasfer to third parties with no need of a further autorization from the participant. Every paticipant to the competition, or his tutor, when doing the registration gives up on any copyright or right of representation and on any compensation. ⁃ The organizing committee is authorized to acquire and use (except for a written dissent expressed) personal informations given by every participant for promotional, informational and statistical purposes under the current laws. ⁃ Furthermore, the organizer decline any responsibility regarding damages to things or people occurred during the different phases of the event, both suffered or caused from the participants themselves and from their tutors. ⁃ Participating to the competition includes the acceptance with no excuses of this regulation, so in case of non respect of the rules, the organizer can expel the gulty person. In this case the participant will no tìreceive any repayment. ⁃ Extraordinary decisions. For what is not analysed inside this regulation, every decisioni is subject of the artistic direction of the organization. ⁃ Dispute. Competent court, Roma